solo*CODE Anti Counterfeit

Protect your customers and defend your brand from counterfeiting

solo* is a new item-level tracing service that provides true transparency and protection.

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With the solo* trust mark your customers are informed and protected.



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Proactive counterfeit protection

Once your product is approved, it receives an encrypted, interactive trust mark – a solo*CODE™ – on their packaging.

Immediate customer validation

Unlike other barcode or tagging technology, the solo*CODE provides product creators with a highly secure anti-counterfeiting solution that:

  • Does not require holograms, RFID, or other expensive packaging
  • Can only be decoded from within the solo* app

Customer transparency

The solo* app is able to quickly validate products by directly connecting product creators to consumers.  We give quantified product feedback using our AI-based recommendation engine to create a personalized experience for all your customers and ensures they know exactly what is in the product they are consuming.

How it works

Clean & Elegant
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

How do I get enrolled in solo*?


Step one

Complete our membership application



Step two

Submit your product and company information



Step three

Once approved we will  publicly announce your product has been vetted meets our rigorous standards


Step four

Now you can proudly display solo*CODEs on approved product packaging

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