Dr. Caplan Interview with WHDH Boston

Zej Moczydlowski
Feb 8, 2018 4:51:28 AM

Last year, Dr. Caplan was asked to comment on a story for a Local 7News in Boston where they discussed the transition for patients transitioning from opiate based pain drugs to medicinal cannabis. This opportunity gave him a chance to educate the public on a safe, non-addictive, alternative to drugs creating to a public health emergency which is killing more than 140 Americans every day.

The story of Stephen Mandile, an Iraq War veteran injured in a HUMVEE accident and ultimately placed on 57 different medications, is a tragically typical one. Having been over-prescribed opioids, taking over 100 pills a week, suffering daily withdrawals, Mandile wound up an addict. Depressed and in pain, he often contemplated suicide. But, thanks to medicinal cannabis, it's a story that ended in him being able to transition off of all other medications completely. Now, Mandile is now a vocal advocate for medical cannabis; his new life goal is to help other veterans get off of opioids.

Dr. Caplan was interviewed for this story by Local 7News Boston, providing background on the topic of medicinal cannabis and an example of a female patient with terminal breast cancer who saw amazing results while transitioning from opioids to marijuana. He noted that he regularly treats patients who would consider themselves addicts, who are searching for safer and less addictive alternatives to opioids. Take a moment and view the article below, it's enlightening and provides a lot of information concerning successes we've seen in countering addiction with cannabis.

7News Investigation: Swapping Pills for Pot

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