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Stockton University establishes minor in cannabis studies

Zej Moczydlowski
Sep 6, 2018 7:34:58 PM

New Jersey's Stockton University is allowing students to minor in cannabis studies. With course work covering legal, medicinal, and other aspects of the drug, the school is aiming to offer students real life skills in a quickly growing industry...

With New Jersey rapidly moving to establish itself as one of the most permissive states with regards to cannabis legislation, it's not surprising to see a university within the state creating a minor on the subject. New Jersey recently saw a push to double the number of medical dispensaries, lawmakers are considering two new bills in the fall to expand access to cannabis, and 60% of residents support recreational legislation.

In the Newsweek article below, program coordinator Kathy Sedia, an associate professor of biology, explained, "It’s an industry that is developing and certainly there are a lot of possibilities and new jobs." Sedia went on to note that the program won't be limited to strictly medical or legal aspects of the cannabis industry but that it will also address historical, sociopolitical, and criminal justice related aspects of the drug.

Given that cannabis is a substance with decades of stereotypes working against it, it's promising to see major educational institutions deeming cannabis worth of study and understanding. Stockton joins a very small list of other universities with courses on cannabis and may be the first with an official minor in the subject. Such progress on the educational front is important because, as more Americans are exposed to the truth about cannabis' benefits, the lies which created negatives stigmas begin to fall to the wayside. Hopefully, Stockton will be the first of many universities to start up such programs.

Link to the Newsweek story about Stockton University’s new program

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