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Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley discusses solo*

Zej Moczydlowski
Feb 24, 2020 4:17:26 PM
In an interview with New Cannabis Ventures, Akerna chairman and CEO Jessica Billingsley discussed how Akerna has focused developing its ecosystem and driving compliance across cannabis supply chains. As noted in the article below, “Since becoming the first cannabis technology company to trade on a major U.S. exchange, Akerna has added to its leadership team, fleshed out its platform with acquisitions and made new industry partnerships.” solo sciences is proud to be one of those key partnerships. 
Billingsley described how, among Akerna’s other recent moves, solo sciences has played an important role in connecting Akerna to the final consumer or patient in the cannabis life cycle. She says solo* tech gives Akerna the ability to transform “seed-to-sale” tracking into "seed-to-sale-to-self." In the interview she notes that solo* allows Akerna to “interact directly with the consumer and have consumers be able to interact directly with the products.” 
She goes on to explain that solo* is important because it empowers consumers, stating that it’s critical for product users to “Have the power in their hands to use a smartphone and be able to ensure the traceability, the transparency, and accountability, and the information for the product they're consuming.” Billingsley provides one example of how vaporizer users can use the solo* mobile app to ensure that the products they purchase don’t contain harmful additives in it. She also comments that solo sciences anti-counterfeiting technology gives Akerna a less expensive alternative than RFID technology for state regulatory tracking programs.
Check out the full New Cannabis Ventures interview with Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley here:

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