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Alumnus gives Harvard and MIT $9 million for cannabis research

Zej Moczydlowski
Apr 30, 2019 11:37:00 AM
Charles R. Broderick, who has been investing in the cannabis industry since 2015, yesterday announced that he was donating nine million dollars to Harvard and MIT to be used for cannabis research. In both instances the institutions stated that the donation was the largest private funding of marijuana research to date.

As quoted in the Fox News article linked below, Broderick stated, “The lack of basic science research enables people to make claims in a vacuum that are either anecdotal or based on old science... For generations we haven’t been able to study this thing for various sorts of societal reasons. That should end now, as well as the prohibitions that are falling around the world.”

Academic research into cannabis has been extremely limited due to federal restrictions. This has only recently begun to change. "Universities have done little research on marijuana because of federal restrictions, but that’s starting to change. UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative, which bills itself as one of the first academic programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis, has studies underway ranging from medical treatments to economic impacts."

With cannabis now being legal for medicinal purposes in 33 states it is becoming more important for academics to have the ability to research the substance. The actions of individuals like Broderick, and the willingness of institutions to push for more data regarding the effects, is only going to become more necessary as more states vote to legalize cannabis.

Link to the Fox News article on the donation.

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