Barneys New York entering cannabis

Zej Moczydlowski
Feb 18, 2019 10:40:23 AM

High-end department store, Barneys New York, announced this week that it is going to be launching a cannabis department called, "The High End."

Described as a “luxury cannabis lifestyle and wellness concept shop,” the store will debut at the Barney's location in Beverly Hills. As noted in the "Atlantic" article linked below, "When it arrives, it will be lovely: Renderings show it as a nook filled with marble surfaces and green (get it?) accents, with glass displays, a metallic sales counter, and a seating area. It looks like an environment made for chic Instagrams, and the store hopes it will be."

Barneys won't be selling cannabis in their stores but they will be partnering with Beboe, which will educate shoppers about cannabis and take orders to be processed off-site. In-store, Barneys will be selling custom cannabis-related items, like a $1,475 sterling silver grinder and French-made rolling papers made from organic hemp.

The move by a high-end luxury department store to enter the cannabis world may seem trivial and perhaps gimmicky. But it’s a clear sign that cannabis is becoming accepted by not just the main-stream, but also by affluent Americans. More importantly, this decision shows that corporate America, which has been cautious to venture into cannabis due to current federal regulations, is also recognizing that cannabis is here to stay.

The article from the Atlantic points this final point out quite well, saying, "The investment of large, traditionally respectable companies like Barneys probably does make it more difficult for anti-marijuana hard-liners to convincingly characterize the drug as a health scourge for dangerous deviants for much longer. Elected officials might be able to tune out advocacy, but they seem historically less inclined to tune out money."

Link to Amanda Mull's piece in the Atlantic.

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