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California struggles with cannabis tracking system

Zej Moczydlowski
Mar 21, 2019 11:39:00 AM
In a piece for Marijuana Business Daily, author Celene Adams notes how the California Cannabis Track and Trace system (CCTT) is facing difficulties in its roll out. The system, whose intent is to create transparency within the industry, has been mired in complications due to contradictory legislation, conflicting messages from multiple state agencies, and a complicated bureaucracy. As noted in the piece, confusion has been increased due to a variety of factors. These include the difficulties using the Metrc software that powers CCTT, questions about how companies should comply with regulations related to CCTT, and issues with the integration of CCTT labels onto packaging.

The usage of barcodes has, in particular, caused concerns on many fronts. One obvious issue is the placement of a CCTT barcode on a small package, like the slim tubes used for vaporizer cartridges. This process could require the covering of other legally mandated warnings and markings. Further, there are concerns about counterfeiting. Josh Drayton, communications and outreach director with the California Cannabis Industry Association, was quoted saying, “There are companies out there selling counterfeit stickers... We’re starting to see bogus products of well-known brands showing up around the world, (and) Metrc lacks the advanced technology to differentiate fake product from real.”

Such systems are unquestionably necessary if cannabis is going to move forward to become a well-regulated and transparent industry. However, the issues arising from CCTT highlight the uphill battle that companies and the government face. Until these concerns are addressed with a system fulfilling the needs of both regulators and affected companies, cannabis will have difficulty earning the respect of skeptical portions of the population.

Link to the Marijuana Business Daily piece

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