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CED Foundation and Dr. Caplan attend NECAAN Convention (Day One)

Zej Moczydlowski
Mar 24, 2018 6:41:43 PM

Dr. Caplan and the CED Foundation team were excited to spend their day in Boston at the 4th annual New England Cannabis Convention (NECAAN). Physicians, vendors, and business leaders were on hand to promote the growth of an industry bringing comfort and relief to Americans...

NECAAN, now in its fourth year, brings together all elements of the cannabis community and facilitates discussion, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge. The convention takes over two massive rooms at the Hynes Convention Center, features 250+ vendors, 100+ speakers, and thousands of attendees.

The majority of the Convention Center was dedicated to booths spanning every conceivable industry related to cannabis. Major local medicinal dispensaries, medical providers, security firms, legal teams, podcasts, and even public accountants specializing in dealing with the cannabis industry were all represented. By touring the booths, those unfamiliar with cannabis could learn about every aspect of the industry from the cannabis growth, to the business of selling it, to medicinal uses, to the need for further research and advocacy.

But it was in the back of the rooms that the most important part of NECAAN was happening: the seminars. Broken down into two main tracks, medical and business, the talks  brought together industry leaders for serious conversations about topics affecting the cannabis industry.

On the medical side, the first day's seminars included 8 talks such as "Cannabis for Pain and Opioid Reduction" by Dr. Jordan Tishler and a panel on "US Veterans and Cannabis: How Our Heroes Are Turning To Alternative Medicine" organized by Derek Cloutier, the President and Co-Founder of the New England Veterans Alliance.

Meanwhile, the business track’s 8 talks included subjects like "The Cole Memorandum and Other Legal Updated for Cannabis Businesses" presented by Michael Maloney, Esq. and "There Are No Gray Areas: A Call For Professionalism and Compliance" by Valerio Romano, Esq.

As the nation gradually moves towards universal acceptance of cannabis as a desperately needed medical option, the importance of these types of conventions cannot be understated. They bring together the smartest, most caring, and most ambitious members of the cannabis community and provide forums where the next steps can be planned.

The CED Foundation team can't wait for Day Two.

The full list of medical seminars for Day One of NECAAN.

Dr. Caplan speaks with representatives from MCR Labs about cannabis testing.

The all-veteran panel put together by Derek Cloutier of the New England Veterans Alliance discussing the usage of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of PTSD.

Dr. Caplan speaking with representatives from Revolutionary Clinics.


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