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Chinese shutdowns create packaging shortage

Zej Moczydlowski
Mar 17, 2020 3:06:14 PM
One complication of the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic has been its impact on supply chains for virtually all industries. The cannabis industry, as described in the MJBizDaily article linked below, faces an unanticipated issue as many brands look for alternative sourcing for packaging that they use for products.  
The article notes that beyond concerns about the virus being transmitted on the surfaces of products shipped from China, supply chain disruption from Chinese factories shut down completely in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a result, "some marijuana companies have turned to manufacturers in the United States, India and Mexico to source packaging for their products." 
American packaging manufacturers have seen a boon, with Cleveland-based Grove Bags seeing "such a big spike in its business since the coronavirus outbreak that it’s had to turn business away."
Even in this global upheaval, a potential silver lining to this crisis is that the manufacturing of hazardous and potentially deadly fake packaging used by illicit manufacturers is also likely to be affected. Many illegal cannabis producers source their packaging, which often appears nearly identical to that of legitimate brands, from factories in China. These illegal counterfeits, which pose a public health threat due to their lack of testing and regulatory compliance, could become less common due to the disruption of international manufacturers. 
solo sciences is proud to provide anticounterfeiting technology that protects product consumers.
Full coverage by MJBizDaily:

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