Cleveland school seeks to promote knowledge about cannabis

Zej Moczydlowski
Sep 19, 2018 11:01:43 AM

The Cleveland School of Cannabis, one of the only such schools in the nation and the only state-approved cannabis career school east of Colorado, opened in 2017. Since then, their three programs (horticulture, business, and medical applications) have stayed in demand. The founders believed there was a lack of quality educational options in the field and they sought to change that...

An article posted in Crain's Cleveland Business examines the background and creation of the Cleveland School of Cannabis; a school created to provide education and information to the public about the very misunderstood subject of cannabis. The Cleveland School's approach is broad, not only covering medicinal applications, but also including the business and horticultural aspects of cannabis.

Founder Austin Briggs created the institution because he saw that professional cannabis education simply wasn't a topic being addressed in America. While taking classes in the field he saw that what was available simply wasn't challenging or thorough enough. He decided to change that. As quoted in the Crain's piece, "I realized there was a great need on the business side and everything was pointing toward education being a huge opportunity in the sector... I'm thinking, I'm going to be the leader in cannabis education. This was a huge opportunity I couldn't pass on."

On the medical side, the school runs a weekend course which provides ten hours of an overview on the topic. They also, however, run a State Certificate Program which is approved by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Their website notes "there are only 2 state approved career schools in the country offering State Approved Certificate Programs in cannabis." The full program is listed as being 136 credit hours with classes such as, "Medical Cannabis Comprehensive," "Cannabis Research Studies," "Patient Navigation," and "The Endocannabinoid System."

It's extremely inspiring to see members of the industry working to provide the public with information and creating formal educational opportunities in this growing field. From the medical perspective, it's especially encouraging because the only way to combat decades of misinformation and negative stigmas is through the sharing of knowledge and increasing the number of Americans educated on the topic.

Crain’s Cleveland Business piece about Cleveland School of Cannabis

Cleveland School of Cannabis Website

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