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Contaminated cannabis causes Nevada recall; testing lab shut down

Zej Moczydlowski
Jan 3, 2020 1:19:52 PM
According to Nevada Dept. of Taxation officials, a testing laboratory in Las Vegas - CANNEX Nevada LLC - has been shut down while its practices are reviewed. The move comes after cannabis products allegedly tested by the laboratory failed secondary testing. Four products were found to surpass the maximum state-approved levels for contaminants such as yeast, mold, fungus, and – in one case – a bile-tolerant, gram-negative bacteria.
As noted in the Associated Press article linked below, "Regulators said the affected cannabis came from Nevada Group Wellness LLC, ACC Enterprises LLC, and Integral Cultivation LLC." In the official report, the state noted that there was no reason to believe dispensaries or cultivators knew that the products in question had been non-compliant with state regulatory standards. 
The report does, however, advise that consumers who have purchased the affected cannabis to avoid using the products. Consumption of the affected items should particularly be avoided by individuals with suppressed immune systems. Individuals who have purchased cannabis in Nevada between October 25th and December 27th are being urged to read the official report to check whether the items they bought are affected by this situation. 
This incident highlights the need for solo sciences technology, which can instantly alert consumers about recalls and information regarding the products which they have purchased. Consumer safety concerns are always present when considering consumable products and such risks demand a quick notification system which can inform those potentially affected. 
The full article from the Associated Press:
The official report from the State of Nevada Department of Taxation: 

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