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San Francisco medical dispensaries declared an essential service

Zej Moczydlowski
Mar 20, 2020 1:41:37 PM
As Americans have begun socially isolating themselves and preparing for what health officials believe could be a prolonged period of self-quarantining at home, cannabis sales have notably increased. The rush to buy cannabis, especially in places where people fear that they may soon be subject to quarantine orders, was not unexpected because many dispensaries anticipated mandated closures. 
Many advocates, medical cannabis educators, and medical marijuana practitioners pushed back, describing that the steps necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus could have repercussions for cannabis patients who rely on access to dispensaries for their medication. In a commendable approach, San Francisco – the first major city to order a general shelter-in-place – announced it would ensure patients still have access to medical marijuana treatments. The San Francisco Department of Public Health assured residents that dispensaries would remain open as an essential service.
Dr. Susan Philip, Director of Disease Prevention and Control at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, explained, “People rely on medical cannabis for chronic pain, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, depression and multiple other disorders and conditions.” She added, “So I want to clarify ... that cannabis dispensaries are allowed to remain open for pickup or delivery of these essential medical treatments."
While the outbreak of coronavirus continues, it's promising to see government officials recognizing that many Americans rely on cannabis dispensaries to treat a wide variety of ailments. As the nation continues to deal with this pandemic, it is important that other states react in a similar fashion and ensure that medicinal cannabis remains available to those who need it. 
solo sciences is proud to contribute to an industry which provides treatments for a wide variety of medical patients.
Full coverage from the San Francisco Chronicle:

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