solo* Adds Chronic Creek as Charter Member Brand

Chris Battis
Oct 18, 2018 11:37:50 AM

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 18, 2018 / -- solo sciences inc (solo*) announced today that Chronic Creek of Humboldt County, California (, has become a charter member of solo* and will work with solo* to verify their packaged cannabis products and gain consumer feedback and insights.

Ashesh (Alex) Shah, Founder and CEO of solo*, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Chronic Creek as another prominent charter member brand for solo*. Chronic Creek’s focus on providing a clean, safe, product while also carefully working with those on their farm as well as at the county, state, and lab levels aligns well with our mission at solo* to deliver trust and transparency to consumers. Consumers become loyal to companies like Chronic Creek that have superior vision and controls and deliver a consistent product that they understand. Like other brands that become solo* Members, Chronic Creek is positioned to demonstrate trust to their consumer base through validation of their business practices and product testing, and they will benefit as their products earn and display our proprietary trust mark, the solo*CODE.”

Amy Wiser, President of Chronic Creek, responded: “As soon as we met the team at solo*, we applied to become a charter member. Knowing that Chronic Creek and its products could be vetted by solo* to earn a trust mark conveying our commitment to consumer safety was all it took. We are deeply intentional from farm to consumer, and that means earning, building, and maintaining consumer trust – especially among newcomers who may find dispensaries and the wide array of choices a daunting proposition. Together with solo*, we look forward to providing a healthy experience to all consumers who find their way to our products.”

We are proud to begin presenting the solo*CODE as proof of our commitment to safety and comfort to consumers who are looking for a healthy experience and finding their way to our quality products.” — Amy Wiser, President, Chronic Creek

As more brands and consumers come to rely on solo* to understand or discern the quality and legitimacy of a product, the industry will find it easier to elevate the companies that provide the greatest levels of trust and transparency. Furthermore, increased participation and closing the loop between the product creator and the consumer with a trust mark and mobile application will enable consumers to make increasingly smarter and more reliable purchasing decisions.

About Chronic Creek  

Chronic Creek emerged from a belief that the intersection of art and technology delivers magical experiences for consumers. The Chronic Creek team is a leader in bringing the decades long Humboldt County cannabis innovation engine into the burgeoning California cannabis marketplace. Farm manager Heather Keating has a multi-generational link to Humboldt County that dates back to the 19th century. These strong roots enable Chronic Creek to truly understand the mastery of cannabis cultivation that is particular to this region. When combined with the start-up mindset that comes from their team's experience founding many successful technology startups, the result is a unique set of consumer focused cannabis products that deliver quality at unprecedented levels. The family-run company is also a women owned and operated business.
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