UK to reschedule cannabis and provide access through prescription

Zej Moczydlowski
Oct 10, 2018 4:16:39 PM

Months after public outcries over the case of a 12-year-old epileptic, the United Kingdom appears ready to make cannabis available by prescription. Within the next month the Home office will supposedly reschedule the substance...

Currently, the UK only allows the usage of medicinal cannabis in extreme circumstances, like those of Billy Caldwell; the 12-year-old boy from Northern Ireland whose cannabis was confiscated upon his family's return from overseas. His story, along with the similar experiences of six-year-old Alfie Dingley, pushed medicinal cannabis to the forefront of British politics. Their cases resulted in a public campaign which gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures and drew the attention of celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart.

As noted in the Sunday Telegraph piece linked below, "The Home Office will announce the 'rescheduling' of cannabis-derived medicines in Parliament, lifting restrictions which mean that until now it has only been allowed in the most exceptional circumstances... An announcement is expected in Parliament within a fortnight - allowing the drug to be legally prescribed within a matter of weeks." The rescheduling will reclassify cannabis as a Schedule 2 drug, moving it out of the extremely strict Schedule 1 category in which it is currently listed.

The move is a huge win for advocates and families which have been fighting to ease restrictions in the United Kingdom. The decision by the Home Office will mean that the UK will have some of the most liberal laws in Europe regarding medicinal cannabis. The example being set by the UK, one which places the needs of patients and their families above politics, is admirable and hopefully one which will be duplicated by other nations.

Link to the Sunday Telegraph piece announcing the news

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