Wisconsin Governor pushes cannabis reform

Zej Moczydlowski
Feb 23, 2019 11:01:27 AM
Wisconsin's new governor, Tony Evers, spoke during a rally earlier this week and argued that his state needs cannabis reform. He suggested that it was time for Wisconsin to legalize medicinal cannabis, decriminalize possession, and create a process for individuals to have some cannabis offenses expunged from their records.

As quoted in the CNBC article linked below, Governor Evers cited his own battle with cancer as an impetus behind his position, "I know the side effects of a major illness can make everyday tasks a challenge. People shouldn't be treated as criminals for accessing a desperately needed medication that can alleviate their suffering," he said.

Specifically, his proposed changes to state law would allow providers to recommend the use of cannabis to alleviate symptoms related to various medical conditions and decriminalize possession, manufacturing, or distribution of marijuana in amounts of 25 grams or less. The governor also noted that he wishes to eliminate an annual physician's certification needed for the use of CBD oil.

While it is unknown if the Governor's suggestions would be able to pass through the Republican controlled Wisconsin legislature, his push is a welcome one which reflects the wishes of his constituents. He noted that, last year, voters in 16 counties and two cities in Wisconsin largely voted in favor of approving medicinal cannabis. As more mainstream American politicians step up and defend cannabis, hopefully the wave of legalization - which has already touched over half the states in the nation – will continue to spread.

Link to CNBC's coverage of the announcement

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