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solo* protects consumers by simplifying & personalizing their buying decisions.

By quantifying an individual’s psychometrics, physiology, & desired state of being, solo* helps match people to products.

Embracing years of medical, psychographic, & scientific research, solo* concisely categorizes complex consumable products.

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Simplify & personalize your buying decisions.

People need to know what they are buying, and more importantly, consuming.

Brands looking to demonstrate trust & transparency work with solo* to place a unique identifier on their packaging – a solo*CODE. Designed to inform as well as protect (like symbols designating items as Energy Star, UL, or kosher) the solo*CODE efficiently conveys important information about how the product will affect a consumer.

Scan a solo*CODE to find out what a product does to you

Get recommendations on the products that will help you achieve your desired state of being

Learn about yourself (solo*ID®) as we tune recommendations using our AI system

Give feedback on products so the system gets smarter & you feel safer

Get alerts offers & info from doctors & brands in a safe non-intrusive manner

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Effects Personas. Finally a taxonomy for consumption experiences.

After 5 years of research, across 25,000 patients, solo* combines the power of Jungian archetypes, fast-changing medical research, and product feedback loops to create a new way to talk consumption.

Realizing that simple one-word descriptions can fail to truly capture the full dimensionality of a product’s attributes, we looked for other solutions.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but we realized a stereotype is worth a thousand pictures. This efficiency of communication led us to create a cast of Effects Personas, characters embodying all the nuances of a product experience.

Organized into four families, THINK, PLAY, DO & CHILL, the 12 solo* Effects Personas provide the industry & consumers a way to talk about consumption in a clear, unbiased manner.

Social Butterfly - solo* Effects Personas
Social Butterfly
Very gregarious, engaging and effervescent; everyone’s friend.

The Social Butterfly floats between people making them smile. Low on anxiety and full of energy, they live to please a crowd.

Party Animal - solo* Effects Personas
Party Animal
Going all-out, having a great time & partying forever.

The popular Party Animal holds nothing back when they hit the dance floor. Energized like a bunny and effervescent like Perrier, this personality owns the night.

Rockstar - solo* Effects Personas
High-energy (and possibly rowdy!) center of attention.

After an epic concert, it’s time to play and the Rockstar knows how to party. Fearless and feverish, confidence and mischief reigns supreme in their world.

Lover - solo* Effects Personas
Caring, amorous (and potentially aroused!)

Cuddly, euphoric, and a little bit flirty, the Lover sees everything through rose-colored glasses. This persona floats along doling out hugs and kisses.

Ninja - solo* Effects Personas
Hyper-focused, ready to execute the task at hand – be it surgery or Mario Kart

Alone, aware, and agile, the Ninja feels no distraction working towards a goal. Precision and execution trumps everything else as this persona’s raison d'être.

Athlete - solo* Effects Personas
Actively in it to win it.

Work hard or work out, the Athlete draws energy from everything around them while remaining laser-focused on the goal. Nothing stops this persona from reaching the top.

Explorer - solo* Effects Personas
Discovering new experiences everywhere they go

Curiosity and adventure remain the hallmark of the Explorer persona. A healthy dose of energy and confidence push this persona to seek new trails to hike, cuisines to enjoy, and languages to learn.

Buddha - solo* Effects Personas
Seeking tranquility – whether it’s a 15-minute work break or a meditation retreat

Serenity and solitude form the cornerstone of the Buddha’s inner being. Focused but relaxed, this persona remains in control as the world moves around them.

Space Cadet - solo* Effects Personas
Space Cadet
On a distant personal journey

Far away from it all, the Space Cadet lets their mind and body just slip into the void. No distractions, no stress, no nonsense; this persona does its own thing.

Couch Potato - solo* Effects Personas
Couch Potato
Sedate and relaxed; totally chill

3, 2, 1…sit. Low on energy, the Couch Potato does not have a care in the world. This persona is comfortable just lounging around, spending the weekend binge-watching Netflix, and ordering in.

Geek - solo* Effects Personas
Tinkering with technology, seeing what makes things work

Tuned into the physics of it all, the Geek examines the precise movement and science of everything around them. This persona remains focused and aware as distractions pass them by.

Artist - solo* Effects Personas
Accessing the inner muse to see and interpret the world

Creative and confident, the Artist breaks the bounds of their world to find inspiration in everything they see. This persona revels in a group and often shines a light on the hidden beauty around them.