You, decoded.

solo* protects consumers by simplifying & personalizing their buying decisions.

By quantifying an individual’s psychometrics, physiology, & desired state of being, solo* helps match people to products.

Embracing years of medical, psychographic, & scientific research, solo* concisely categorizes complex consumable products.

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Simplify & personalize your buying decisions.

People need to know what they are buying, and more importantly, consuming.

Brands looking to demonstrate trust & transparency work with solo* to place a unique identifier on their packaging – a solo*CODE. Designed to inform as well as protect (like symbols designating items as Energy Star, UL, or kosher) the solo*CODE efficiently conveys important information about how the product will affect a consumer.

Scan a solo*CODE to find out what a product does to you

Get recommendations on the products that will help you achieve your desired state of being

Learn about yourself (solo*ID®) as we tune recommendations using our AI system

Give feedback on products so the system gets smarter & you feel safer

Get alerts offers & info from doctors & brands in a safe non-intrusive manner

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