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Use the solo* app, and be sure that you're using outstanding Legion of Bloom products and give back to the environment!

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By downloading and scanning Legion of Bloom products with the solo* app,  you can be sure you are using our products, and not some awful counterfeit trying to trick you by using our good name.

With your scans, you are also helping us give back to environmental causes in California.

The solo* app gives you:

  • detailed product info
  • the chance to give us feedback.
  • info about where to buy Legion of Bloom products
  • info about our fun events
  • discounts (as available)
  • new product updates

So download the app, scan a product to authenticate it, then review and register your purchases to keep alerted about discounts. And enjoy Legion of Bloom's unique and valued products.

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Get the solo* app now!

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