An anti-counterfeiting action-hero to the rescue

Game-changing tech that builds ​brand loyalty and showcases products. solo* helps governments and brands protect users from counterfeit products. 

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solo* sciences

Innovative mobile-first tech



A patented brand-friendly mark, readable by a mobile app:

  • A unique identifier on every package
  • Enables licensing enforcement
  • Provides product insights and demonstrates transparency
  • Can be printed directly onto packaging
  • Empowers sale-to-self data collection

solo* app

Scans the solo*CODE, allowing consumers to confirm if a product is real.

A 360º product experience:

  • Confirm product authenticity
  • Track and register purchases
  • Scan for discounts & loyalty incentives
  • Discover related products
  • Build an authentic collection
  • Compare collections on a leaderboard

How solo* works

solo* sciences
solo* sciences

Old authentication systems depend on easily faked and copied images.

Counterfeiters duplicate holograms and other security marks. To counter this threat, the solo* platform deploys a two-part solution – the solo*CODE and the free solo* app.

Leveraging our proprietary mobile technology, solo* secures the integrity of each mark.

Brand-friendly Implementation

The solo*CODE is a customizable digital print; flexible in size & colorways; applied to packaging in a variety of modalities.

solo* sciences
Affixed as tamper-evident label or sticker.
solo* sciences
Integrated into packaging press files.
solo* sciences
Incorporated into tags.


solo* sciences
solo* sciences
solo* sciences
“One of the most serious problems, facing the toy and collectibles marketplace, is the proliferation of counterfeit products. These counterfeits are not only inferior in quality but also do not comply with international safety standards. solo sciences can help stop this problem and make sure consumers get the quality and safety they are paying for. Without adding any significant cost to the products themselves.”

Alfred Kahn
Chairman and CEO, CraneKahn, LLC