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solo* builds trust

As an independent auditor of information and a conduit to collect consumer feedback, solo* builds trust. We filter all the brands and personalize preferences, protecting consumers, and simplifying buying decisions.

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Seizing the moment with tech and smarts, solo* is bringing much-needed order to our fast-growing marketplace.

Nick Fasano
Chief Revenue Officer, Eaze

Take a stand on quality

By using an independent third-party to validate the products and brands on your shelves, you’re telling consumers that they can come to you as the authority on quality.

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Increase consumer confidence

solo* drives traffic and improves customer retention by showing how you go the extra mile in a market where validation is key. Discerning customers buy from solo* retailers because they have confidence in the products they carry.

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solo* educates

The solo* app allows customers, and staff, to scan a solo*CODE and instantly know what a product is and how it will affect an end-user. Each time a consumer provides feedback, the AI system learns and refines recommendations.

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Properly vetted brands

solo* is curating pre-vetted brands & products to reduce retailer burden. The streamlined solo* intake process helps retailers easily decide which brands deserve shelf space. The solo*CODE prevents counterfeiting of products.

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Market intelligence & customer loyalty platforms

The solo* app's gamified data collection methodology provides a clear picture of the end-user. Dispensaries can leverage physiological, psychographic and feedback data and see trends enabling market targeting and segmentation.

solo* and its data driven approach helps retailers create tailored customer loyalty platforms. Push event invitations and targeted promotions to highly customized groups, engaging end-users on a more intimate level.

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